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You can save lives while providing your pet with exceptional care!

When you entrust us with your pet’s healthcare needs, you’re also helping to rescue other cats and dogs, as all profits associated with your pet’s veterinary care go back to our core mission of saving lives!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to provide exceptional care to our patients and to use  every penny of the profits to save lives. To read more about how we got here, please visit our mission page!  We’re proud to be the first, and only, rescue organization in Minnesota that operates with this model. By choosing our vet center, you get peace of mind knowing you’re saying yes to your pet receiving top-notch veterinary care and giving back to the animal rescue community at the same time!  




We offer compassionate care for your dogs & cats!

Injury & Illness

We see a wide array of cases from all over the country and continue to stay up to date on the latest in veterinary medicine.


At The Bond Between Veterinary Center, we have experienced surgeons ready to treat your pet.


The Bond Between Veterinary Center has access to excellent specialists in the Twin Cities.


We love what we do...

Ray Ray came to The BB from China after being rescued from a meat truck. The BB Veterinary Center really shines when it comes to listening to clients. Ray Ray’s first dental was done at another vet. We noticed Ray Ray still seemed to have some issues with his mouth which we thought may be causing him to have a lack of appetite so we scheduled an appointment. Although the team didn’t see anything obviously wrong, but they listened and trusted our observations and ordered X-rays. Those X-rays showed more issues with his teeth that required another dental which was scheduled and done at their office. As a result, Ray Ray’s appetite improved once he was able to eat pain-free!


Tiny Tim and Mouse came to the SHH with a severe leg injury requiring amputation. Not only did The BB Vet Center remove Tim’s leg with a beautifully sutured wound, but they were incredibly communicative about his recovery. They checked in with us regularly about his care and healing and were also available any time we had questions, too. During his checkups, he loved snuggling up to the staff and everyone knew him by name upon arrival. By the time his hair grew on you couldn’t see any scarring and in watching him play and interact you wouldn’t know he had three legs! Thanks, SHH Vet Center!


There aren't enough words to describe how wonderful the Secondhand Hounds Vet team is! Everyone at The BB Vet Center is incredibly knowledgeable and was so easy to communicate with. They genuinely care and love each and every animal that they treat! Our dog was seen at the clinic multiple times for kennel cough, tummy issues, double ear infection and eventually his neuter. Dr. Schulte, Dr. Kuhn and the rest of the vet staff were absolutely amazing and went out of their way to follow up with us to see how our pup was doing. I’m a worried dog mom and they were more than happy to answer any and all questions I might have had! I was put at ease knowing that our pup was getting lots of love while in the care of the SHH vet team! Forever thankful for all that they have done for our pup!


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