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Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Our Mission

At The Bond Between, we believe it is always possible to find organizations that align with your values and belief systems. While looking for a veterinary center to take my own pets to, two things stuck out as most important:


  • Quality care of the animals

  • A veterinary center that benefits the greater good


Enter The Bond Between Veterinary Center.


For the last several years, The Bond Between has been spending over a million dollars in veterinary care for the animals in our rescue. It dawned on us that this model was inefficient and not financially sustainable. It became clear that we needed to hire our own veterinary staff, but we decided to take that a step further.


A new model.


Don’t you love companies that give back to the community? We do too. And so does our veterinary staff. So, we decided to become one of the first non-profit veterinary centers  in the state. Our profits go right back into The Bond Between, a non-profit animal rescue that saves over 3,000 animals every single year.


When you pay, you save… lives.


Every cent that The Bond Between Veterinary Center profits from providing care to your pet goes directly back to the mission of The BB. You can feel good knowing that you’ll play a part in helping other animals in BIG ways! You're helping restore vision to dogs who have lost sight due to cataract formation, alleviating chronic, painful dental disease, providing surgical correction to patients with painful orthopedic disease, and helping hospice dogs get a warm home and lots of love in their final days. You will be a part of all of that simply by choosing to bring your pets to a veterinary center that gives back.


The highest standards of care.


Not only will you be giving back to the animal rescue community, you will also be receiving top-notch veterinary care. Our veterinarians have seen a wide variety of unusual cases or diseases due to the different locations we obtain animals from (worldwide). Sometimes our veterinarians need specialists to assist or manage a case, and they have established connections in the Twin Cities. Our care standards have always been high, and our clients will be treated with the same proactive, comprehensive, and unsurpassed level of care that we show all of our animals.

A new model of vet care. 



Our neonatal program rescues newborn puppies and kittens that  would not otherwise have a chance. Our Secondhand Hounds Neonatal Program has taken in animals affected by cleft palates, hydrocephalus, failure to thrive, and more!



Our core rescue program allows us to pull thousands of animals from high-kill shelters every single year. These dogs and cats often need a little extra TLC from our veterinary center, where they have many procedures done, such as extensive dental work, orthopedic surgery, tumor removal, and heartworm treatment - just to name a few!



Sometimes old animals find their way into animal control facilities and shelters. These animals don’t have much of a chance for adoption and have often given up on life. Our hospice program, Forever Loved, allows these animals to enter a foster home and be loved for their final days, weeks, or months. Our veterinary team is amazing at end-of-life care and we are extremely grateful to be able  to offer this important service.

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